Quality Assurance

India Marine Co provide value-added services for the Industrial, Marine, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and the Offshore Industries, i.e. to provide marine repair services, recommend appropriate Protective Coating systems as well as to provide a logistic and co-ordination one-stop centre for and around the market. We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals with expertise in the Marine Industry and deliver the best possible quality to meet our customers´ requirements.

Our aim is to supply the right goods, at the right time, with a standard price in order that spares do not delay a vessel's routine. India Marine Co contribute to the quality of products and add to the safety of infrastructure and facilities.We strive to provide prompt, reliable service with quality products at competitive prices.

We protect our environment with strict regulations without compromising the quality of service we provide to our customers. We serve customers from different industries such as shipbuilding, repair, oil & gas, food & ship chandlers. We provide all kinds of life saving equipments , ship stores and ships saftey equipments. We focus on quality and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction, both in the products. As your vendor and partner you will benefit:

One-stop supplier and problem solver.
One-stop logistics and spare parts handling.
A reliable and efficient service around the globe.

Delivery to Ships:

This is the area work where we care maximum care during our operations. Again , it is in this scope of work, where we leave our competitors far behind. Our track record of delivering stores & materials IN TIME is impeccable. Our delivery standards are highest to the smallest of supplies. Our operational staff works 24Ă—7 for supplies at Port area & inner & outer anchorages also.